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Required Reporting

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*All Vermont schools are governed by state statutes that mandate various policies. If you are interested in obtaining copies (copies of the polices are available free of charge upon request) of any of our policies or in reviewing our policies, you may do so by calling the school office or by visiting the Missisquoi Valley School District website at https://www.mvsdschools.org/district-policies/.  Policies are subject to change and revised policies can also be found at the website or in the office


Link to policy on Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying of Students



*Core academic subjects are:  English language arts (including ESL), Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Foreign Languages, Art, Music, and the generalist endorsement areas of elementary education and early childhood education (grades K-3 only).  In addition, alternative program and special education primary instruction assignments in math, science, social studies and/or ELA/reading are also considered “core” areas.100% of our core academic subjects were taught by highly qualified teachers and we had no teachers teaching on emergency credentials.  If you have any questions, please call Joyce Hakey at 285-2100.Immunization rates for each school are available at www.healthvermont.gov/he/imm/immsurv.aspx